Friday, June 19, 2009

Auto disable touchpad while typing using syndaemon

Auto disable touchpad while typing using syndaemon

Often time, when working on laptop, my hands touch (tap) the touchpad while typing, which is really annoying, cause I end up writing in different location. Disabling the touchpad permanently is not a good idea, specially if you don't have a mouse with you. Fortunately, there is a very neat tool that monitors keyboard activity and has the ability to disable the touchpad during that event. The tool is syndaemon.

usage example:
$ syndaemon -d -i 1

That would execute syndaemon as daemon and set 1 second as the delay period.

To automatically run this daemon, for example in KDE desktop environment, I created a script which contains the code above, make it executable, and put it in ~/.kde/Autostart folder.

Also check out synclient, taken from the 'man page', synclient - commandline utility to query and modify Synaptics driver options.

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