Thursday, February 4, 2010

Send key in Linux (Ubuntu)

I have a dell mini 9 laptop which only have Fn keys from F1 to F10. Sometimes I need F11 key for fullscreen browsing, and maybe even F12 key, but they are missing. This little thing annoys me, so I was thinking about a way to send key in Linux.
I did not want to install any other piece of software for this little thing. So, I was thinking about using what is already there in my Ubuntu (default) installation.
xte is just the tool that I needed.
To give you an example, here is the command to send F11 key to active window.

$ xte "key F11"

Pretty neat.

Notes: I just figured out to use F11 and F12 in dell mini 9. Use Fn+z for F11, Fn+x for F12. I tested both keys in Ubuntu 9.04.

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