Monday, January 24, 2011

xubuntu alternate install on usb stick

I am working on a project which has to do with very old and low computing power computer and low memory. So, I had to choose a reasonable linux distro with reasonable desktop manager, user interface, etc.
After trying different very lightweight distros, I am back with xubuntu. I have my reasons, which mainly is that I am so familiar with this one.
I tried lubuntu, which uses LXDE, but this old computer could not handle it.
Due to that, I chose xubuntu alternate installer. So, I prepared xubuntu alternate installer in a 2GB usb stick, since the old computer does not have any optical drive.

I faced a problem during installation using the usb media, because the installer keep searching for cdrom (optical) drive. It was terrible. I tried to go to virtual terminal and tried to mount the usb stick manually as a cdrom, but got problem.

Thankfully, I found the way to do it successfully from ubuntu site. Issues
The required action to solve the problem is simply insert/append the following argument:
in the grub boot menu. To do that, just choose which installation method you want to use, in the grub menu and press 'E' to edit the command, and append the argument, which I mentioned earlier, at the end.

Now, enjoy the lightweight installer and the distro itself.

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