Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IBM System x3650 M3 Disk Configuration

I just finished working with IBM System x3650 M3. In the beginning, I had trouble with both Ubuntu Server 10.04.3 LTS and Centos 6 not detecting internal harddisks. Doing a little bit search, some informed that the problem is due to the driver, but that is not the case, since Ubuntu Server 10.04.3 LTS already have it.
Then I tried with Centos 6 and faced the same problem, no harddisk detected. Fortunately, I found some info in a forum mention about one need to configure the harddisk in the BIOS first. Aha. This is actually where the issue exist.

In order to configure the harddisks in the BIOS, just boot up the server and wait until a screen mention about Megaraid WebBIOS Configuration, press Ctrl-H.
Then, configure the harddisks as Array RAID. After that, just use Configuration Wizard to set them as as many Disk Group as needed. At this point, Centos 6 could detect the harddisk.

Find official guide from IBM, Installation and User's Guide - IBM ServeRAID-M Software (WebBIOS, MegaRAID Storage Manager, and MegaCLI), here.


  1. Thanks for your information..I was searching on every about my problem with x3650 but didn't found the solution..
    but i still dont understand why i must set the drive if i want install debian on this server

  2. @Muhammad Ainul Yaqin: What kind of problem you faced?

  3. Hello, I'm getting the same problem, i try to config disk on bios but still have the same prob (IBM x3650 M3, RAID controller M1015, os: centos 5.2). Please need help

    1. Please be more specific on what kind of problem you faced.