Saturday, September 11, 2010

Install Windows XP from usb flash

I just finished installing windows xp on HP Mini 110 netbook. Since it does not have any optical drive, like any other netbook in general, I had to install it from usb flash.

Before you proceed you need to have and prepare the following files and apps:

  • windows xp installation (cd or iso)

  • usb flash (1 to 2GB)

  • wintoflash

  • sata windows xp driver if needed, for example sata driver (from HP)

  • nlite, if need to have sata driver ready during installation

  • winrar, to extract sata driver

  • If you have windows xp installation in iso format, you need to be able to mount it. One way to do it is by using daemon tools lite

A little bit more information about wintoflash, it needs .net framework to run. If you do not want to install .net framework, there are several portable wintoflash with .net framework built-in, just search and use it.

Scenario #1: Without SATA driver

  • Simply, load the windows xp installation cd, or mount the iso file.

  • Then, use wintoflash to create windows xp installation usb flash.

  • All you need to do in wintoflash is to choose the source drive (windows xp installation cd/iso) and choose the usb drive.

  • Restart your computer and boot from usb drive.

  • Choose text for 1st time boot, and GUI for 2nd and 3rd.

Scenario #2: With SATA driver

  • Insert windows installation cd or mount iso (using daemon tools lite)

  • Extract sata driver files using winrar

  • Run nlite, proceed until there is an option about driver integration

  • Choose insert and multiple drivers folder options, select all extracted sata driver files

  • Nlite will prepare windows installation files with sata driver in the target directory. Done with nlite.

  • Plug usb flash

  • Run wintoflash, choose the appropriate source installation folder from previous step, and the target drive (usb). Done with wintoflash

  • Restart computer and boot from usb flash.

  • Choose text for 1st time boot, and GUI for 2nd and 3rd.

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