Thursday, February 19, 2009

ACT!2000 to ACT!2009 Migration

ACT!2000 to ACT!2009 Migration

Currently, I work a lot with ACT!2009, Contact and Customer Relationship Management Software. This is pretty new thing for me. Interesting and troublesome at the same time.

I had to migrate all data from ACT!2000 to ACT!2009. According to the ACT Knowledge Base, the procedure should be simple, and straight forward. The only problem is, the database in ACT!2000 was corrupted, quite badly. ACT diagnostic tool could not fix the problem, and the only way to fix this is by using import/export features. Please go here to get detailed information on how to use import and export to repair ACT!2000 database.

The process was time consuming and when there were duplicate contact records found during import, user interaction was needed. Apparently the there were a lot of duplicate contact found in the database.
One lesson learned here, which suppose to be done by previous user, is to resolve duplicate contact record.

Once the repair process done, I simply opened the previous version of ACT database in the new ACT, and the conversion process begins.
After the conversion done, there are many fields that are not converted to the properly type. For example, date field become annual event. Memo files become regular text fields. No good.

ACT Knowledge Base is a place to go for ACT users.

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