Saturday, February 21, 2009

List of problem with ACT!2009 + Outlook 2007

List of problem with ACT!2009 + Outlook 2007

List of ACT!2009 and Outlook 2007 known problem (so far) as per 20090221

1. After performing lookup by example in ACT, the information shown in the fields are from the previous contact. This can be quite confusing for user. Until now, there is no solution for this issue. The only thing we can do is, pressing "F5", to refresh the page, after performing any lookup.

2. Several fields are not shown in import/export wizard in ACT. I consider this issue as the worst one. I was facing a lot of trouble when trying to import some contacts from other database. Too many missing data, which really makes the import/export process is useless. True, we can always use the quick export to excel, but the number of the fields is then limited to what is supported by excel. No good.
Click here to get more information about the problem (but not the solution).

3. Again in ACT. If you happened to have date or annual event field type in your layout, be very careful. Usually, after I make any change to the date field, I click outside, such as the layout background, so when I use the scroll wheel in my mouse, the date will not get changed. Surprisingly, the date still get changed. So, either use the scroll bar, or click on text field then use the scroll wheel.

4. When performing mail merge to a lot of contacts, for example a thousand, outlook crashes. Not good. Solution? Use different email client that can handle big number of emails.

5. I created a simple vba script to perform mail merge from outlook. I was hoping that using vba script, I could perform the mail merge without outlook crashing, and the email would be attached in history. Emails went through just fine, but this time ACT.Outlook.Service.exe crashed.

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