Sunday, February 15, 2009

convert bin to iso (linux)

convert bin to iso (linux)

To convert bin file to iso format, simply use bchunk tool in linux.
Check whether it's already in your system (ex. $ which bchunck).
If not, install the tool first by executing:
$ sudo apt-get bchunk

after that, let's convert bin to iso, by executing:
$ bchunk binimage.bin binimage.cue isoimage

Notice that bchucnk needs cue file (as second argument).
If there is no cue file, do not panic, since it's easy to create the cue file.

Below is a simple shell script to create cue file and convert bin to iso:
printf "FILE $1.bin BINARY\nTRACK 01 MODE1/2352\nINDEX 01 00:00:00\n" > $1.cue
bchunk $1.bin $1.cue $1_
rm $1.cue

save the script to a file, don't forget to chmod +x, and run it.

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